Display Marketing

Display advertising allows you to reach your target audience in a more accurate and cost-effective way than with traditional advertising platforms such as press or TV. In fact, you can track the consumer reaction and interaction with your brand more closely with online display advertising than when using traditional advertising approaches.

What is display advertising?

Display is a form of PPC advertising where ads appear on third-party websites alongside content related to your product or of interest to your target audience. Ads may take the form of banners, text, video and images.

The potential reach of the audience is enormous, and the range of available targeting methods allows for the development of focused campaigns in which ads appear to a very specific, highly relevant public.

  • Contextual – targets pages containing unique keywords within the content.
  • Placement-targets different pages or websites.
  • In-market demographic and categories of interest-targets users based on their latest web browsing and search behaviors.
  • Topics and demographics – target audiences based on what Google learned from its users.
  • Remarketing – targets people who have engaged with your website in advance to enable them to return.
  • Social media – see our section on social media advertising.

Users can be targeted at various stages of the purchasing process, bringing them into the beginning or middle of your conversion funnel. With Click Consult, your show strategies will hit the people you really care about and who you know will be interested in. For example, you know that your customers are young men between 25 and 34 years of age with no children who are car enthusiasts with a particular interest in performance and luxury vehicles but who also like to cook and listen to jazz. We would use all that valuable customer knowledge with programmatic display and turn it into a highly focused advertising strategy for the show. In fact, by selecting us as your display advertising agency, you will be in safe hands and we can help you reach and communicate with your audience at any time of the day, find it interesting on all platforms and websites.

How are we doing this?

We start by defining your goals, then we develop a strategy that focuses on achieving campaign targets and delivering on KPIs. Our PPC team of professionals certified by Google and Bing then begin work on bringing your campaign to life using the best practice methodologies that we have developed and refined over the past decade.

The range of available targeting methods allows the creation of targeted campaigns in which advertisements appear to a very broad, highly relevant audience